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Welcome to Fort Nelson Secondary School
Parent / Teacher Interviews
Please phone 250-774-6958
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New Student Registration
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Student Created Video Games
Check out these video games created
by students in Ms. Burt's and
Mr. Nelson's Infotech classes.

Rosetta Stone Language Lab
FNSS has just obtained Rosetta Stone
language lab for our French and other
Language classes. Please see
Mrs. Peregoodoff for login info.

Need help with math or science?
Khan Academy's library of videos covers K-12 math, science topics such as biology, chemistry, and physics, and even reaches into the humanities with playlists on finance and history. Each video is a digestible chunk, approximately 10 minutes long, and especially purposed for viewing on the computer.
Principal's Welcome

Welcome back to another school year! It is a great privilege to be able to welcomeback our returning students and families; and on behalf of all of the staff, I extend awarm welcome to our grade 8 class and all other new students and their families. Weare excited to have you joining our Husky community!

The beginning of the school year always brings anticipation, excitement, and hope.There is a lot of emotion in September: seeing good friends and starting to make newones, starting new classes, the chance to improve, and the opportunity to try newthings. Help your child to keep that positive energy going through the year:encourage them to work hard at their studies; to get involved through studentcouncil, clubs, teams and intramural sports, and volunteering; to work at buildingpositive relationships in their school community. All of these will help make the yearsuccessful and meaningful for your child.

At the same time, with school can come some anxiety; many students will experiencea variety of challenges throughout the year. There are many supports in place atFNSS to help your child. Our counselor, career coordinator, teachers and supportstaff are always willing to listen and help provide guidance. Mr. Abraham, our newvice-principal, and I have our doors open to listen to student concerns and challenges.If your child is experiencing academic challenges, many teachers offer help beforeschool, at lunch, or after school; as well, we are again offering the Lunch Studyprogram in the Aboriginal Education room. We want to make sure your child issupported in their learning: let us know if you have concerns!

I encourage you as parents to become involved in our school. Our first PAC meetingis coming up this week, and all parents are invited to attend. As a PAC member, youhave the opportunity to share your ideas and feedback, and through projects andevents can help to build up the Husky community. Come on out to coach or justcheer on our teams; get involved with band fundraising and trips or just come out tothe concerts to enjoy a musical treat. The more you participate in the school, thestronger our school community will be.

I wish you a great school year - go Huskies!


FNSS serves students from Fort Nelson and surrounding communities, from Prophet River in the south to Mile 317 in the north. We also act as a guest and resource school for our students in Toad River.

Vice Principal: Mr. Tyler Abraham