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About the Researchers
liz burke
Liz Burke
Liz Burke was born at Fontas on April 5, 1953. In 1962 she moved with her parents to the Fort Nelson Reserve.
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judith desjarlais
Judith Desjarlais
Judith Desjarlais is from Cree, French, and German descent. Her parents came to Saskatchewan and then relocated to the Peace River area for employment purposes.
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o Fred Burke
o Larry Burke
o Lucy Capot-Blanc
o Adeline Dickie
o Maggie Gairdner
o Jimmy Stubby
o Ryan

o Fontas Flood
o Kanta
o Snake River

Culture and the Environment
o Moose
o Moose Tanning
o Parts of the Moose and their Uses
o Maxine Burke talks about Moose
o Beaver
o Drymeat
o Fish
o Grouse
o Porcupine
o Rabbit
o Other Mammals

o Trees
o Aspen
o Birch
o Birch Bark
o Cottonwood, Alder and Moss
o Diamond Willow and Fungus
o Red Willow
o Spruce
o Berries
o Soapberries

o Traditional Clothing
o Modern Clothing

o Dreamcatcher Dancers
o Traditional Drumming
o Drummers
o The Smudge

o Sample Cree and Slavey Vocabulary