RLA ASPIRE Visit 2018

 ASPIRE (Authentic Science Partnership Inquiry Research Experience)

In January, ASPIRE’s lead scientist,  Matt Gilbert visited RL Angus to talked about the wide variety of research tools, methods, and skills he and his research team use to investigate questions they have in the field, and in their lab at UBC.

Matt smMatt with FishMatt Cambridge

ASPIRE 2018R.L Angus students participated in an authentic science research experience through a school-wide inquiry into the heart and respiration.

Biology: Using their dissection skills and provided chicken hearts, students discovered the parts of the heart and how the heart and lungs worked to pump nutrients to all parts of the body.

Physics: Using a centrifuge and simulated blood, students investigated density and learned about the components that make up blood.

Chemistry: Using a “Red Cabbage pH indicator” and their newly acquired knowledge of acids and bases, students proved the presence of CO2 (a weak acid) in the breath they exhaled.

Physiology:  Employing stethoscopes and heart rate monitors, students recorded heart rate data, before and after exercising.  Observing the change in heart rate allowed students to make a connection to their own life which led to a discussion on the overall importance of exercise to a healthy heart.  ECP students, using Google Sheets graphed the heart rate data for the whole school to see. See Heart Rate graphs below:

Heart Rate ChartsHeart Rates

Below are collages of all the classes participating in ASPIRE 2018
Grade 5, Ms. Armitage 

Armitage1Armitage 2
Grade 5, Ms. Bailey 
Bailey1Bailey 2
Grade 6, Ms. Dekaneas 
Dekaneas 1Dekaneas 2
Grade 6, Ms. Virginillo 
Grade 7, Ms. Forsyth
Forsyth 1Forsyth 2
Grade 7, Ms. Clark

Grade 7 ASPIRE 2018

Grade 6 ASPIRE 2018

Grade 5/6 ASPIRE 2018