GR 6 Our use of animals in their environment

General Topics:  Our use of animals in their environment

Observations and areas of interest

  • Chemistry of the environment
  • Habitat (biological)
  • How animals gain nutrients
  • Acclimation to let animals move between environments
    • Animals environment
  • What other uses do we have for animal products
    • Can use hide/skin from sharks
    • Other motivations for harvest
  • How and are different meats harvested
    • Sharks
    • Deer?
    • Turkey (in different culture)
    • Narwhals
    • Turtles
  • Different animals foods in different cultures
    • Mexican vs. African vs.
    • Different parts of the animals used
  • How are different animals prepared as food
    • Raw fish?

Our use of animals in their environment

  • habitat (chemistry, forests/plants ect)  determines nutrients and therefore how useful an animal might be

How the animals are used and harvested

  • Hunting
  • fishing
    • Methods of capture in different cultures

Why the animals are used and harvested

  • Other uses than food
  • Cultural differences in use of animals in food
    • different parts
    • different animals (narwhals, turtles, fish, deer)

Question Development:

How do local and foreign (e.g. Mexican) cultures consume marine and aquatic animals (e.g. fish, turtles, shark), and how do they manage them sustainably with climate change and harvest?

Initial specific question ideas:

  • Is there a different way Mexicans cook their food, is there a culture they have?
  • Does Mexico eat turtles? And what kind?
  • How does a fishes temperature tolerance change and does it determine where they can live?
  • Is climate change happening in big lakes and rivers affecting the fish species and young fish?
  • how will fishing and hunting make it so that we can live in a better environment and still have lots of animals.


Management strategies around harvest and environment (Stingray)

What and how are aquatic and marine animals used (H and A)

The animals ability to tolerate their environment (e.g. temperature) relates to where they live and how they’re used (Barney)

Harvest and preparation of aquatic and marine animals in different cultures (C)

  • For one cool method check out ceviche

Ideas of next steps:

  • These issues seem far removed from Fort Nelson but do they affect the way we live and what eat?
    • Are there local regulations on how we fish in northern BC?