Spider Monkey

By: Monkeygirl


Why are Spider Monkeys such good tree climbers?

Copyright free Image Source by Ivan Mlinaric
Their scientific name is Ateles It is a mammalThey are omnivores and eat nuts, fruit, seeds, flowers, insects, spiders They live in groups called TroopsThey can live up to 22 years14 to 26 inches

Why are Spider Monkeys such good tree climbers?
I found out that Spider Monkeys are so good at climbing trees because they don’t need to use more energy to climb then they do when they walk. They also have long, lanky arms and prehensile (gripping) tails. They use all 5 to easily move from branch to branch and tree to tree.


  • allow them to travel through the tree with a hand-over-hand movement
  • swinging  through the tree using this hand to hand motion is called brachiation


  • the tail helps them hang on to a branch so their hand can go to the next
  • they use their tail to hang there while they eat their food
  • the spider monkey’s prehensile tail helps it be more safer when climbing trees by being able to hang on to branches


  • their hands have a thumb but it is more like a hook so it can grab branches better
  • their feet also have hooked thumbs on their feet for when they have to use their feet to swing from branch to branch
Brown-headed Spider MonkeyA Spider Monkey Skeleton
Copyright free Image Source by LeaMaimone A Spider Monkey Skeleton on Display at The Museum of Osteology. CC Public Domain by Skimsta



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