The Structure of the Mosquito



The compound eyes are one of the most important part of mosquitoes.  There are two of them located on the each side of the mosquitoes head. They are covered with special lenses called Ommatidia. The Ommatidia function as individual eyes, and are shaped like little, mini hexagons.  The multitude of ommatidia enables the mosquito to see from many directions at once.

The mosquitoes  head is crammed with sensory equipment…

Anatomy of a Mosquito Part 1: The structures of the head

Can yo see the eyes on this MosquitoesMosquitoes have compound eyes
Photos found on this site: How Many Eyes Does A Mosquito Have?

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The AntennaeDescription

Photo Source:Geneticists close in on how mosquitoes sniff out human sweat
The mosquito’s antenna is used as movement receivers. This auditory sensing is also known as hearing. Male mosquito antennae are adapted to detect sound of a female’s wingbeat helping them to find a mate. It can detect carbon dioxide in human breath
It can pick up the odor of human sweat.
The Spiracles
Spiracles are small openings that line both sides of the mosquito’s abdomen. They allow mosquitos to draw air. The Spiracles can even be seen in the pupa stage.
Photo Source: Mosquito Taxonomic Inventory
The Proboscis Description
The proboscis is the mosquito’s mouth. It is made up of 6 thin needle like mouthparts called stylets. The stylets poke into flesh, and makes it easier for them to suck blood.
Photo Source: How Mosquitoes Use Six Needles to Suck Your Blood | Deep Look
The ThoraxDescription
The thorax is located in the middle of the mosquito’s body, and it hold the head, legs, wings, and abdomen.

PHOTO SOURCE: Guide to the Twelve Most-Important Oklahoma Mosquitoes of Concern for Pest Control Specialists
The AbdomenDescription
The rear end of the mosquito is called the abdomen. There are ten segments in the abdomen, each of which have their own set of spiracles. It serves as the mosquitoes’ stomach and lungs.
Photo Source: What is the drop of liquid that comes out of a mosquito?
The Compound EyeDescription


Anatomy of a Mosquito Mosquito: Structure & Life Cycle