Bus Schedule

Regular Bus Schedule effective April 8, 2024

Bus Information

School Bus service is provided for in and out of town students. 

Contact your child’s school or call the board office for more information (250) 774-2591.

 To keep student pick up times reasonable, and with the need for extra sanitization on our school busses, we can no longer “double run” our busses as we have in the past.  Therefore, we will continue to have Bus #2 pick up intown JSC students in the morning and we have added two dedicated intown busses (bus 5 and 6).

Please note the pick up and drop off times for your student(s).  Students from grades 5-12 are required to wear masks while on the bus, boarding and deboarding.  Although students from K-4 are not required to wear a mask parents/guardians may want to consider having their child wear a mask – we do not assign seats to intown students as the ridership is unpredictable from day to day.

Bus Cancellations

There may be occasions when it is necessary to shut down bussing. Schools will remain open. If the weather criteria of 2500 Watts or a temperature or wind chill factor of -40C is reached the busses will not run at their normal times. A second reading will be done at 8:00 a.m. and if the temperature or wind chill factor is above -40C the busses will commence their regular runs an hour later than their normal pickup times. If it is still -40C or more, busses will be cancelled for the morning pickup runs. The school district will monitor the weather throughout the day and if the temperature/windchill factor warms up above the -40C then the afternoon K runs and afternoon home runs will proceed as usual. Announcements will be made on the local radio station and CBC North.