Bus Information

School Bus service is provided for in and out of town students. 

Contact your child’s school or call the board office for more information (250) 774-2591.

Bus Cancellations

There may be occasions when it is necessary to shut down bussing. Schools will remain open. If the weather criteria of 2500 Watts or a temperature or wind chill factor of -40C is reached the busses will not run at their normal times. A second reading will be done at 8:00 a.m. and if the temperature or wind chill factor is above -40C the busses will commence their regular runs an hour later than their normal pickup times. If it is still -40C or more, busses will be cancelled for the morning pickup runs. The school district will monitor the weather throughout the day and if the temperature/windchill factor warms up above the -40C then the afternoon K runs and afternoon home runs will proceed as usual. Announcements will be made on the local radio station and CBC North.