Student Registration

We currently do not have an online registration process for enrolling new students – you must visit the school in person to complete the required paperwork. You can get a head start by printing off and completing the district registration form and bringing it to the school. 

Click here to download the SD81 Registration Form (Note – it must be printed on legal paper – 8.5″ x 14″)

Schools are open for registration one week before school begins in the fall. 

To speed up the process, please bring the following original documents when you arrive to register. We will make a photocopy and return these items to you immediately. 

Proof of Legal Name and Birthdate

Birth Certificate or Passport

BC Care Card or BC Service Card

Or proof of health care coverage

Proof of Legal Street Address

Must have parent/guardian name and legal street address

Proof of Status in Canada

Canadian Passport, Birth Certificate, Permanent Residence Card, Work Permit, Study Permit, Status ID Card

Recent Report Card or Transcript

Does not need to be an official copy - a photocopy is just fine

Medical Documentation / Immunziations

Or proof of health care coverage

Any Other Documents

Example - Court orders involving guardianship, divorce, seperation, or a parent consent letter from the second parent who currently does not reside with the student