Aboriginal Education

School District #81 is committed to the success and support of all Aboriginal students in the district. The following goals are being implemented for Aboriginal Education programming.

  1. To provide opportunities for Aboriginal students to foster success at all levels in the district, particularly at the graduation level.
  2. To develop educational programs that offer a range of services aimed at enhancing academic, social, and personal growth Aboriginal students.
  3. To provide support through role models, leadership, and cultural awareness activities, to develop and reinforce a strong sense of identity, pride, and feelings of self worth in Aboriginal students.
  4. To increase awareness and respect for Aboriginal culture among all students and personnel of School District # 81.
  5. To provide Aboriginal students with opportunities to develop and strengthen leadership skills.
  6. To ensure Aboriginal involvement in the development and implementation of Aboriginal education and support programs.
  7. To develop a positive relationship with our Aboriginal communities, organizations, and families.

Aboriginal Enhancement Agreement
In February 2006, the Province, local Aboriginal leaders and Fort Nelson school district officials have signed B.C.’s 23rd Aboriginal enhancement agreement.