Distributed Learning

What is Distributed Learning?

Do you want to take a course that is not offered at FNSS; or is the course offered, but you can’t fit it in your schedule? Are normal FNSS courses not convenient for you because of work schedules, travel plans or illness? Are you an adult wanting to complete a course or two to finish your grade 12? Distributed Learning may be for you!

Who can take Distributed Learning Courses?
DL courses are available to everyone wanting to complete credits for graduation.

How much do courses cost?
The Ministry of Education will cover the costs of DL courses taken by grade 10-12 students. Some DL schools ask for a $100 text deposit, which is refundable upon completion of course and return of books.

How does FNSS support Distributed Learning Courses?
FNSS now has a “Distributed Learning Classroom” where students will be able to work on their courses under the supervision and tutorial support of a teacher. Students will have access to computers, the Internet and other resources in the Distributed Learning Classroom.

FNSS students taking DL courses will be expected to attend their scheduled distributed learning block just like any other class. Senior (grade 12) and part-time students will arrange a tutorial support schedule with Mrs. Sparshu.

Where can you get more information about Distributed Learning?
For more information on the distributed learning program contact Mrs. Sparshu at 774-6958. Further information about Distributed Learning in BC and a listing of all the DL courses that are available in the province can be viewed at LearnNow BC.