Inclusive Education

The District provides a variety of services for students who must have special attention in order to succeed in school. The following services are provided:

Learning Assistance

In each school there is a Learning Assistance Program to assist children who are having difficulty learning key concepts.

Special Counsellors

Counsellors are available to each in-town school to assist students as necessary.

Hospital and Homebound Instruction

Students unable to attend school due to extended illness or injury maybe given assistance in their home or the hospital. Students excluded from attending school for other reasons may also receive this service.

Identification, Assessment of Learning Problems

Initial identification and assessment of learning problems is conducted by school staff. A Student Services Coordinator programs projects for special needs students. Referrals for detailed assessments are made to a registered psychologist.

Speech/Language Pathologist

A Speech Language Pathologist is available to offer Speech and Language testing and remediation.