Frequently Asked Questions about Toad River School

How do I register my child? Pick up a registration form from the office located in Fort Nelson, or call 250-774-2591 for an email copy. Complete it and return to Principal. When submitting your application you will require:  proof of address, copy of birth certificate/passport and copy of CARE card.

How old does my child need to be to start Kindergarten? Children that five years old by the end of the calendar year are eligible to enrol in Kindergarten.

Is there bussing available?  No.

As transportation allowance may be available if you meet the qualifications set by the SD #81 Board of Education.


Who determines the school curriculum? The Ministry of Education sets curriculum policy and defines what teachers are required to teach and students are expected to learn in each grade and subject. A consistent, province-wide curriculum is thereby ensured. However, teaching and assessment strategies are left to the professional judgment of teachers, enabling them to address individual student needs and deliver the curriculum in a context that is locally meaningful.

How is my child’s achievement assessed? Teachers will report to parents and guardians a minimum of five times per school year as required by the School Act. These include: Parent Teachers Interviews, Three Written Reports and one Informal Report. Plus any other communication that is recorded by the teacher such as a telephone call emails or informal conversations.

What do I do if there is an issue at my child’s school? Whenever you have a suggestion or a concern about your child’s school or education program, do not hesitate to speak with your child’s teacher or the school principal. Teachers and principals are responsible for issues relating to their own school, and welcome parental involvement. If you have further inquiries or concerns you should contact your district school authority. You will also find more information in our Parent Handbook.