Student Recognition Evening & Graduation June 25, 2019

We have come once again to the end of a busy year at Toad River School, on June 25thfamily and friends gathered with the students of Toad River School to celebrate the success and accomplishments of the Toad River students. The Student Recognition evening began with a community BBQ supper, followed by classroom awards presented to the students by Teacher, Ms. Cole, and School-wide awards presented by Principal, Lynne MacNeil. 

Along with their academic skills the students have been developing their musical skills the awards presentation began with the Gr. 2-9 students playing Ukulele and singing Stand By Me.


Students at Toad River School have long been noted for their artistic talents and enthusiasm for the Creative Arts, whether it be music, drawing/painting, drama or poetry.  The Sue Hay, Fine Arts award was presented to two talented students who demonstrate a passion and enthusiasm for creative arts. Crystal Tiedemann (Gr. 2), Ben Kolkert (Gr. 9)



Our Athletes of the Year are Harley Steward (Gr. 10)/Samuel Kolkert (Gr. 3), these to two students demonstrate excellence in sportsmanship, excellence in athletic ability and participation in school activities.


The Most Improved Student this year is Keely Steward (Gr. 8), over the year she has demonstrated that she is dedicated to improving, and to learning.



In Toad River, both the community in general and the school itself value kindness greatly. This award was one of the hardest to choose, as kindness is all around us each and every day. Diana Samchuck, Superintendent of schools for SD #81, presented the Acts of Kindness/Rachel’s Challenge Award to two studentswho stand out because they actively anticipate other’s needs and often without a need being expressed are already helping/comforting/standing up for kids and adults alike. Their kindness is a seamless part of their very core and their acts of kindness are so intuitive, so exactly right.   

The recipients of this award were Female: Kyley Steward (Gr. 9), Shawn Tiedemann (Gr. 12).



The Best All-Round Student Award was presented to two outstanding students for their demonstrated excellence in academic work, regular attendance, participation in school activities and demonstrated excellence in citizenship: Elementary- Alaina Kolkert (Gr. 6), Secondary Madison Olsen (Gr . 11)








Toad River School Class of 2019 Graduation. 

Following the recognition event, the students, family and friends gathered in the Toad River Hall to celebrate with our graduating student. This year, Shawn Tiedemann was recognized as the Graduate of Toad River School; following words of commendation and encouragement from Board of Education chair, Mrs. Linda Dolen, Superintendent of School District # 81, Mrs. Samchuck andPrincipal Mrs. MacNeil, and a short slideshow about his journey so far. Shawn received his “diploma scroll”.


Congratulations Shawn!

At the end of the graduation program the guests were treated to a mini-concert by Shawn, on fiddle and some of his fellow students (Harley Steward, Alaina Kolkert, Sheldon Tiedemann, Keely Steward and Ben Kolkert).