Our School

General Information

Toad River School is a small rural school located 200 kilometres north of Fort Nelson.  The school serves a community of approximately 50 individuals.  There are currently 14 students, ranging from K – Grade 12 registered at the Toad River School.  The school has a staff of 4, one elementary/secondary teacher, one educational assistant/recess & lunch supervisor, the school Principal is itinerant and visits the school biweekly and the school Secretary is stationed at JS Clark School, located in Fort Nelson.

Due to the unique multi-grade nature of the Toad River School, personalized learning and the focus on differentiated instruction in the classroom is a reality and necessity.  We are committed to meeting the individual needs of every learner in our school. All instruction for K-7 students is direct instruction, while students in Gr. 8-12 have a mix of direct instruction and supported distance education coursework.


Our Library


Our Library is small but has a wide variety of both fiction and non fiction books. We have a good selection of levelled books for use by the students and the teacher. Students often choose to work here as a more quiet environment, or at lunchtime the student often choose to work together on independently learning and practicing music.






Computer Lab

As the role of technology in schools evolves, our primary goal remains – to ensure all students have authentic and equitable opportunities to build 21st Century skills.

Our school is well equipped with technology.  To support our distance learning student all Grade 8-12 student have a work station, and the elementary students have access to classroom computers, laptops or iPads.



Students at Toad River school have 1-1 iPads available to use as another educational tool to learn and grow. Supporting essential skill areas, such as: communication, media literacy, creativity and self-directed learning.  With the iPads the students have the world at their fingertips- anywhere they might be!

We don’t have a gym, so we use the Toad River Hall for indoor PE activities and events



Outdoor Activities


Toad River students enjoy being outdoors.

Throughout the long Winter months in Toad River, and students embrace any opportunity to venture into the outdoors!   Frequently, PE classes include skating and hockey skills on the school/community outdoor rink, or cross-country skiing.